We've always joked that we have been working construction all our lives and that we have pictures to prove it!

About Spencer

About Spencer

I took masonry all four years of high school and competed in state competition my senior year, where I got an honorable mention. My very first "real" job was working for one of my wrestling coaches in the summer, framing houses. The following summers I worked with my brother, Hunter, doing projects for our mom around our house to include a tool shed, expanding our breezeway, turning our two-car garage into a game room, expanding our masonry/slate front stoop. We also did few masonry projects around town, some mailboxes and rebuilding a large circular front stairway.

After graduating high school, I wanted to enter the work force in the masonry field, but our parents encouraged me attend at least one year of school at a four-year college. So, I entered the Construction Management program at Appalachian State University. After one year I felt that the timing wasn't quite right, so I decided to join the U. S. Marines. After serving my time and being discharged honorably, I returned to ASU. While I was in the Marine Corps, the App State football team had been doing really well and therefore the school was growing. The Construction Management program had grown to the point that it split into two tracks, management and design. I enrolled in the design program and now have a bachelor's degree in Building Science with a focus in Architectural Technology and Design.

While working toward my degree, my brother, Hunter and I worked for a high-end custom home builder there in Boone. This builder had assembled great crew that had been working together for many years and we got into every aspect of residential construction. We were very blessed to join that team and learned a tremendous amount, not just about the building process, but about being a general contractor and builder.

My first job after graduation was working for a large mechanical contractor who worked on hospitals and large industrial buildings. I was able to land the job due to my CAD (computer-aided design) knowledge and experience. We produced exploded isometric views of pipe runs for the fabrication shop to assemble and ship to the job site. I worked there for exactly one year.

After a short time as the interim drafting teacher at a local high school, I was offered a position working for Strata Solar, again using my CAD skills. There I was responsible for initial site analysis, the physical layout design of the ground mount racking, detail drawings and plan set production for industrial scale solar farms.Still feeling restless in my career, I decided to spend a few years in the IT field. After working two different IT jobs where moving up the ladder meant being on call 24/7/365, I decided this was not for me.

I was contacted by my former manager from Strata Solar asking if I would be interested in getting back into solar. I excitedly accepted a position at Cypress Creek Renewables as the Drafting Manager. I worked there for almost four years where I had similar responsibilities as my role at Strata Solar. The thing I enjoyed doing most was the initial site analysis and racking layouts. There are many utility-scale ground-mount solar farms across North Carolina that I can recognize as projects that I had a hand in designing.

During the past few years, my wife and I have undertaken several large construction projects on our personal home; enclosing a two-car garage and adding a large deck with portions of it being covered. After some "bumps and bruises" trying to find the right builder/contractor, we decided to act as our own contractor. I pulled together a plan set and after our permit was approved, we began construction with Garrett heading up building efforts.

Garrett and I worked hand in hand pouring over the design and details, doing the work, managing and overseeing the help we brought on when the need arose. This experience (and our other life experiences) opened our eyes to the reality that this was what we have always wanted to do, Design and Build spaces for people to live.So, I studied up, took and passed the test for General Contracting in North Carolina. As of February 2019, Central Carolina Renovations holds a North Carolina General Contractors Building License. We consider ourselves to be craftsmen and are committed to producing the highest quality work regardless of the size or scope of the job.

About Garrett

About Garrett

We really have been in construction our whole lives. Our experiences in construction and remodeling began at an early age. My parents purchased a house and began remodeling it just two months before I was born. My mom could not come home after my birth at the hospital until my dad got the heat working! Admittedly, I did not play much of a role in remodeling that house; however, when I was six, we moved into a much larger house, and my brothers and I did have a much more interactive role in that renovation project. Our father was a very capable man and did most of the remodeling work himself, constantly enlisting our help and teaching us as we went - from the foundation to the roof - and nearly everything in between.

I have always enjoyed working with my hands; seeing the pieces come together to create the whole. I took furniture and shop classes through middle and high school and went on to enroll in construction and trade classes at Alamance Community College after high school. Throughout my education, I worked in varying facets of the construction industry; both residential and commercial. My first job after high school was with a family friend building smaller spec homes. We did almost everything ourselves. We laid foundations, built floor systems, framed walls and roofing systems, sheathing and trim work. It was a great learning experience for me. I also worked in commercial construction for a time, remodeling a few historic buildings in the small downtown area of our hometown.

In my early adult life, I put my knowledge and experience into practice by purchasing and remodeling several older houses as I was living in them. Through this process, I learned firsthand the risks and trials of larger scale construction undertakings but was also able to experience the joy and satisfaction of seeing my own projects come to completion through my own dedicated efforts. Almost all of the work done on these houses I did myself. When necessity required, I enlisted the help of close friends, but most often my brothers.
While I was working on remodeling these houses, I worked full-time in various blue-collar fields and the remodeling was something I was doing on the side; evenings and weekends. I worked trimming trees for several years and then in a metal fabrication shop. While I enjoyed working in these fields and learned a great deal, I knew that it was not what I really wanted to be doing.

Five years ago, I was offered and accepted a job with a builder remodeling homes in the Irving Park neighborhood of Greensboro. We worked on older, finely crafted homes, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I was mostly doing finish work: custom 3- and 4-piece crown mouldings, wainscoting, custom cabinetry, staircases, window and door rejuvenation and installation, as well as some ceramic and porcelain tile work. I realized that this level of finish work is where my talents rise to the occasion. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate and have a passion for doing high quality work at any point in the construction process, but fine custom finish work is where my attention for detail and dedication to quality craftsmanship are best utilized.

About two years ago Spencer and I began to work on several larger projects at his house. During that time the idea began to grow for Central Carolina Renovations. We believed that with our collective experience and commitment to quality that we could build a business founded on providing high quality work at a fair price. That belief has been realized as the demand for our services has grown, our schedule has filled, and our customer base continues to expand!